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tyre sealant compressor

Owner’s Manual


With the Tire sealant, after experiencing a flat tire, you can also continue on your journey even you are a lady who haven’t any technical knowledge. The air pump and sealant effectively seals most typical tire functures up to 6 mm. You can drive up to 500km at a maximum speed of 80KMH/50MPH on a sealed tire to get you to the nearest service station.


Sidewall punctures or tears CANNOT be repaired, please immediately contact a vehicle repair shop or service network for further assistance.


Tire sealant also can help you for your daily inflate needs. With the supplied adaptors, you can inflate balls, bicycles, rafts, toys, air cushion, etc. Please read the instructions before storing the Tire sealant in your vehicle.


Product Description


  1. Air Compressor
  2. Air Pressure Gage
  3. Tire Sealant Bottle
  4. Sealant Filling Clear Tube
  5. Sealant Hose Nozzle
  6. Manual OPV Button
  7. On/Off Switch
  8. Air Metal Connector
  9. Black Air Compressor Hose

10.  12-volt Cord

11.  Sealant Bottle System

12.  Sealant Bottle Connector

13.  Light


Tire Repair Operating Instructions


How to use the Tire sealant when a tire is punctured?


The puncture is repaired in two stages

First, you pump the sealing compound and air into the tire, and drive a distance about 100 meters to spread the compound in the tire. Afterwards, you check the inflation pressure and, if necessary( before the sealant pluged the hole, sometimes there will have a big air leaking from the hole), pump more air into the tire.Continue your journey safely for up to 500km, at a speed no more than 80km/hr.


Step 1

  1. Remove Tire sealant from its pouch. Make sure the yellow switch is in the “OFF”(O) position. Connect the 12-volt cord to your vehicle’s 12 volt receptacle( also known as the cigarette lighter receptacle). Make sure your vehicle is running so as not to drain the battery.
  2. Make sure your vehicle’s hazard lights are on.
  3. Peel off sticker and affix it to the area in the driver’s field of view. This is to remind the driver of the 80 KMH/50MPH speed limit as well as to get the tire checked as soon as possible.


Step 2

  1. Rotate the sealant system upwards to a 90°vertical position.
  2. Connector sealant hose nozzle to sealant bottle connector.


Step 3

Connect the sealant hose nozzle to flat tire’s valve system and Double-check that both connections are secure and tight.


Step 4

  1. Turn switch to “ON” positon(I). Pressure will gradually decrease.

Caution: When the tire sealant is being pumped through the tire, the pressure gauge will show a reading of over 60 PSI. This is normal. It will drop once all the tire sealant has been pumped through.


  1. Make sure the pressure of the tire has reached at least 30PSI.

Caution: If the tire pressure falls below 20PSI, then do not continue to drive. Contact a vehicle repaire shop or service network for future assistance.


Step 5

  1. Once desired 30PSI has been reached, turn switch to “OFF” position(O).
  2. Unplug and remove hoze nozzle and store emergency kit in compartment.
  3. Drive a distance about 100 meters. Afterwards, you check the inflation pressure and, if necessary, pump more air into the tire.
  4. Now you can continue your journey safely.

Caution: Drive away immediately (Do not exceed 80KMH or 50MPH) to ensure proper sealing.


Air-only Operation Instructions


If you use the air-only function of Tire sealant, you can found it is more faster than others; mini air pump, you need only connect Air metal connector to flat tire’s valve stem, Turn the yellow switch to “ON” position(I). After about 3.5minutes, it can make your tire pressure from 0PSI to 35PSI(195/60R14).


Step 1

  1. Connect the air metal connector to the tire’s valve system.
  2. Connect the 12-volt cord to your vehicle’s 12-volt receptacle.
  3. Start vehicle engine.
  4. Turn compressor ON “I” by pressing the switch to the “I” position.



  1. Inflate the tire to the pressure referenced in the vehicle owner’s manual.
  2. To obtain the actual tire pressure, turn compressor OFF “0” and read the pressure gage.
  3. Continue inflating the tire until there commended pressure is reached.


Accessories Operation Instructions


Use the manual air pump to inflate the tire of bike will waste lots of your time and physical. However, after using the Tire sealant, it will be a very easy things to do.


With the dedicated adaptor of free gift, you can use your Tire sealant to inflate, rafts, toys, bed and so on.


With the dedicated adaptor of free gift, you will enjoy more time playing than before.